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Screened at: 2018: Encounters Film Festival, International Competition. 2019: London Short Film Festival, BFI Flare Festival
Film London & BBC Films, in association with Stefan Allesch-Taylor
A Fox Cub Films Production - please contact Savannah James-Bayly for further information - [email protected] 

A second-generation teenager channels the magic of marine life to express their non-binary identity to their religious family.

Writer/Director: Amrou Al-Kadhi
Producer: Savannah James-Bayly
Cinematographer: Craig Devine
Editor: Fiona Brands
Production Design: Elena Isolini
Costume Design: Ameena Kara Callender
Composer: Nainita Desai
Sound Designer: Raoul Brand
Casting Director: Kharmel Cochrane Casting

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