run(a)way arab_7.jpg

Feature Film in Development with Film 4
Writer/Director: Amrou Al-Kadhi
Producer: Savannah James-Bayly, Fox Cub Films
For further information, please contact Giles Smart at United Agents

Max (28) is a white, cisgender gay man who has everything society tells you makes you successful - accepting parents, a good city job, and is neatly aligned to tropes of masculinity. But for some reason, he's completely dissatisfied. Layla (28) is a male bodied non-binary Pakistani drag queen, who sees their queer identity as a continual protest to everything conformist, and the assimilationists in the gay community are no exception to this. When the two of them meet when Max is at a low point, they have the night of their life and go on an unexpected adventure - this tests everything they think they know about themselves, as well as others. In this contemporary queer take on Romeo & Juliet, we watch as two lovers ensnared in a queer feud have to negotiate structures of race, gender, and class in order to have what everyone deserves: a loving relationship.