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Feature Film in Development with BBC Films
Writer/Director: Amrou Al-Kadhi
Producer: Sarah Brocklehurst Productions
For further information, please contact Giles Smart at United Agents

A Molly House was a termed used in 18th and 19th century England for a meeting place for homosexual men. A Molly House was like a male brothel, and took the form of disguised coffee houses, public houses and taverns. Notorious London locations included Lincoln’s Inn and Covent Garden; a Molly boy was a term used for a homosexual male prostitute who worked in a Molly House.

Gabriel is an 18 year old genderqueer male prostitute in England during the Georgian era. This film tells the story of how the Molly House is his redemption, a queer sanctuary where he can safely express his gender and sexuality among other disenfranchised queer boys at a time when sodomy was punishable by execution. When Gabriel falls in love with a client, Henry - who just so happens to be tied to a social group cleansing London of Molly Boys - his whole world turns upside down…