Nefertiti. TV Comedy Series. 
Big Talk Productionswith a pilot script, series package and taster reel.
Writers: Amrou Al-Kadhi & Matthew Knott
Lead Actor: Amrou Al-Kadhi

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In 1300 BC, Nefertiti was an elegant and decadent Egyptian queen. In 2019, she is an elegant and decadent drag queen, the alter ego of Amir, a second generation British-Iraqi-Egyptian living at home in London with his strict Arab mother.

Nefertiti is also the name of the series that follows Amir and the scandalous double life he leads – pitting the conservative Manchester Arab community against the riotous Soho drag scene. Two very different worlds where looking the part is everything.

Blending narrative with excerpts of Amir’s stand-up comedy and musical performances, Neferitti is a story immersed in the challenging queer politics of Transparent and with the cultural specificity of Chewing Gum. Tonally it can bridge the brazen, hard-hitting humour of Fleabag with the madcap vibrancy of Broad City. And like Master of None, each episode explores a theme — the parallels between queer identity & Islam, or the relationship between drag and lying – while continuing the tale of Amir’s misadventures.

Twenty years after Queer as Folk, Nefertiti is a contemporary, provocative and joyful comedy about embracing the mischief of identity.