BBC DRAMA 6 x 45’ Series - I am Writer and Creator
Producer Mary Burke, Public Dreams, in development with BBC Drama
For more information, please contact my producer: [email protected]

TARGETS is an unapologetic, daring new drama that will leave viewers surprised and thrilled at every turn. Through horror, high drama and dark comedy, TARGETS will take its viewers right into the mechanics of how racism works and how white privilege masks it, whilst upending all expectations, and being fiercely enjoyable at the same time. 

With the politicised horror of Get Out and the hilarity and boldness of Sorry to Bother You, TARGETS will be outrageous, audacious, and severely entertaining. Our show will embrace the plot-heavy high-stakes drama of American shows like How to Get Away with Murder, whilst retaining its heart as a story about young Muslims desperately finding their voice in the UK (and the horrifying lengths their ‘supporters’ will go to in order to silence them).