My debut non-fiction memoir focusing on intersectionality entitled Life as a Unicorn: A Journey From Shame to Pride and Everything In Between is published with 4th Estate (Harper Collins), and is out now. For further information, please contact my Book agent Millie Hoskins at United Agents. You can purchase the book from all your favourite bookstores, listed here.

As a journalist, my main topics of interest are but are not excluded to: the history and legacy of queer culture; gender theory; drag; queering mainstream institutions; Left-Wing Politics; critiques of The Establishment; intersectional identity; co-option; activism; film; art-history; urban space; sexuality; sex, and psychology. 

I have had work published in: The Guardian, The Independent, Newsweek, The i-Paper, i-D, Little White Lies, The Gay Times, Attitude Magazine, Vogue, HisKind, Hunger Magazine, The Inkling Magazine, HUCK Magazine, CNN, QX, ZED Books, Visual Verse, Saqi Books, BFI, Gay Star News, Cause & Effect Magazine and others. 

Selected Works

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Theresa May has legitimised Trump's comments through her silence - The Independent

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The Politics of Peripheral Vision in Contemporary Cinema - Little White Lies

Over 300 people died in the horrific terror attack in Egypt. They deserve to be mourned, not used as political fodder - The Independent

The Genderquake debate did more harm than good for transgender people and for feministsThe Independent

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Thank you, Kendall Jenner, for finally showing us minorities the solution to centuries of oppression in your Pepsi advertThe Independent

It's offensive to be constantly asked where I'm 'really' from and period dramas are to blame- The Independent

As a gay man born in Iraq, I know that western intervention is to blame for the murder of LGBT Iraqis - The Independent

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