ABIGAIL & GABRIEL. Feature Film. I am lead writer and lead actor, and the film is being developed with BBC Films. Producer: Sarah Brocklehurst Productions.
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Gabriel, 28, is an Iraqi gay man disowned by his Muslim family and now homeless in London. Abigail, 70s, is a Christian widow out of touch with her daughter, feeling displaced in a gentrified East London. The pair’s chance encounter and unlikely friendship promises a release from loneliness.

GABRIEL, 28, is a homeless gay man who claims to be disowned by his Muslim Egyptian parents. He is addicted to BDSM. His identity is nomadic; caught between his conservative origins and his transgressive lifestyle, he struggles to fit into a hostile, homogenised London. He meets ABIGAIL. A Christian widow in her 70s, she is in the process of moving home. Like Gabriel, Abigail feels isolated. With little support from her estranged daughter, CATHERINE, she can no longer cope with her loneliness. Through a serendipitous encounter, the unlikely couple becomes friends and, through each other, they find a home. Together they embark on a testing and moving journey that will make our audiences feel, think and laugh a lot.