ABIGAIL & GABRIEL. Feature Film. I am lead writer and lead actor, and the film is being developed with BBC Films. Producer: Sarah Brocklehurst Productions.
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Gabriel, 28, is an Egyptian gay man disowned by his Muslim family and now homeless in London. Abigail, 70s, is a Christian widow out of touch with her daughter, feeling displaced in a gentrified East London. The pair’s chance encounter and unlikely friendship promises a release from loneliness.

GABRIEL, 28, is a homeless gay man disowned by his Muslim Egyptian parents. He is addicted to BDSM. His identity is nomadic; caught between his conservative origins and his transgressive lifestyle, he struggles to fit into a hostile, homogenised London. He meets ABIGAIL. A Christian widow in her 70s, she is in the process of moving home. Like Gabriel, Abigail feels isolated. With little support from her estranged daughter, CATHERINE, and a local church community that is under threat, she can no longer cope with her loneliness. Through a serendipitous encounter, the unlikely couple becomes friends and, through each other, they find a home. Together they embark on a testing and moving journey that will make our audiences feel, think and laugh a lot.