ABIGAIL & GABRIEL. Feature Film. 
Writer: Amrou Al-Kadhi
Producer: Sarah Brocklehurst Productions.
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Gabriel, 28, is a Saudi-Arabian gay man who claims to be disowned by his Muslim family and is now homeless in London. Abigail, 70s, is a Catholic widow out of touch with her daughter, feeling displaced in a gentrified East London. The pair’s chance encounter and unlikely friendship promises a release from loneliness.

As a second generation Middle Eastern gay immigrant in London, my identity feels fractured and out of sync with both my heritage and Western society. This is Gabriel's predicament, who is constantly looking for a family whilst also running away from the idea of one. The gay London Chemsex scene is a refuge for him - it provides him with comfort, just as Catholic ritual does for Abigail. Abigail, completely out of touch with her daughter due to her own actions, is a new but testing home for Gabriel. Will he accept her love, despite their differences? And how will Abigail respond to Gabriel's transgressive lifestyle - he offers her another chance at parenthood - will she stuff it up again, or repeat the mistakes of her past? 

Abigail & Gabriel is a story of love and forgiveness, and the power of finding similarity through difference.